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Highlights of the Year

Here are some highlights of 2021.

Year 1 - Robins

The Robins have enjoyed starting their Thursday mornings outdoors. No matter the weather, they have sprinted, walked, skipped or hopped around the MUGGA to prepare themselves for a day of learning. It's been lovely to see them all smile and enjoy doing this together.

Year 2 - Owls

There were so many activities that the children enjoyed over the year but one of their favourites was painting a butterfly in Art. During this Art unit the children were exploring how to make a colour lighter by adding white. We first practised by painting a colour ladder. We had to make sure the colours in the ladder got lighter as you went up the ladder. Then the children looked at photographs and real butterflies to see how their wings looked. They then drew their own butterflies to later paint. We learnt different techniques of painting such as, combing and splatters. Finally we transferred all of our skills to our butterflies.

Year 5 - Hawks

In our History topic linked to World War One, our Year 5 children worked together to build a shoebox trench. They had to think carefully about what materials were needed and how things could be fixed together.