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Cbeebies Rhyme Rocket lands in Godmanchester

On Thursday 15th December the Cbeebies Rhyme Rocket landed in Godmanchester.

Professor Poet (Andrew Crawford) and First Officer Ditty (Joe Chambers) from the programme, ‘The Rhyme Rocket’ (CBeebies) travelled from planet rhyme and landed their rocket in Godmanchester!  They then needed the children’s help to refuel the rhyme rockets tank with lots of new rhymes to deliver them safely back home. Professor Poet and First Officer Ditty put on a fun and entertaining show for the children with the main focus on developing the children’s knowledge of rhyming words. They made a cake which provided lots of laughter, the children joined in with the ‘wait for the cake to bake song!’ and the highlight for most was at the end of the show when Professor Poet ended up with it on his face! This visit was a fantastic way to promote rhyme, all of the children became rhyme recruits and had a fun afternoon with lots of space dancing.

The school would like to say a massive thank you to the PTA for funding this great opportunity.


More photos of the day can be found here.