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Our Curriculum


At Godmanchester Bridge Academy we endeavour to provide a varied, stimulating and comprehensive curriculum, enabling the children to become engaged with the subject through a range of mediums and activities. Each year group has a curriculum map which is broken down into half-termly sections. These maps can be downloaded here, and a newsletter with more details about each subject is sent to parents every half term.

We are continually reviewing and improving the curriculum as we seek to make the learning experience both inspiring and exciting, while ensuring all pupils rapidly gain the basic skills in English and Maths. We aim to provide the children with a love of learning, a determination to succeed and the motivation to be determined and successful learners.

The school has an inclusive approach, seeking to tailor both the curriculum and teaching methods to reflect individual pupils’ needs and learning styles. More detail can be found in the schools’ ‘Teaching & Learning Policy.’

Thematic Approach

At Godmanchester Bridge Academy our curriculum design gives each year group the opportunity to cover a broad range of themes and subjects. We have a project-based, thematic approach and provides children with a range of rich and memorable learning experiences.Themes last approximately one half term depending on the amount of content and the children’s interests. In some cases, projects may be taught for a shorter period, for example during a science or art week.

The broad outlines of this curriculum can be found in the school’s curriculum map, subject policy documents and schemes of work. Teachers use a wide range of teaching methods which are routed in best practice and on-going research. As teaching methods continue to develop, the school will seek to incorporate new ideas and ensure continued professional development of all staff.

Subjects covered by the curriculum

  • Science
  • Geography 
  • History
  • Design and Technology
  • Art
  • Music
  • Religious Education
  • Physical Education
  • Personal, Social, Health Education
  • Computing
  • MFL

Please visit the relevant year group pages for specific curriculum overviews. If you have any queries regarding our curriculum please contact: Ms C Pirrie, Head of School -  Tel: 01480 276599 E-mail: