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Vision and Values


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Our Shared Values

Children are taught our shared values and these values are celebrated through the house system. 

- we are ready to learn, to listen and to achieve success. 
- we are respectful to ourselves, others and property.
- we are responsible for our own learning and the choices we make.
- we bounce back when things do not go to plan
 - we learn from our mistakes

When children join our school, they join one of our four houses Neptune (blue), Luna (yellow), Minerva (green) and Jupiter (red). Our houses are named after four of the Roman Gods because our school is located close to Ermine street which is a major Roman road in England that ran from London (Londinium) to Lincoln (Lindum Colonia) and York (Eboracum).

Pupils who exemplify our school values, who go above and beyond, are rewarded house points. House captains collect and tally house points ready for weekly celebration assemblies. The house with the most points each half-term receives an award. 

At ten points in the year, we recognise the significant contribution a pupil has made to their class and award an Honours Award. These awards are given during our Honours Awards assemblies which the parents of the recipients are invited to.