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Year 2 Owls


Welcome to year 2, we are the Owl Class. My name is Mrs Briggs and I am the class teacher. I am looking forward to being your class teacher for the year. I have got lots of interesting topics to teach you. I love reading and I have some interesting and exciting children’s books to share with you. Some are about emotions and how we manage these emotions. Other books involve exploring fantasy worlds, reading poems and learning facts.I am looking forward to sharing these with you. Another subject I love to teach is writing. This year we will write a range of Fiction and Non-Fiction texts including writing story about a crow who loses his brightly coloured feathers and an interview with Neil Armstrong.

We will be joined by the wonderful teaching assistant Mrs Cooper. She will be in class every day and is ready to help and support you. Mrs Page will

We are all so excited for the year to come!

Please feel free to come and speak to me throughout the year should you have any questions, queries or concerns!